With more time at home, a new design for your hardwood floor may just be the fresh start you need this New Year! As the foundation of your home, you want a flooring stain that is stylish and practical, as it should last for years to come. To kickstart your new look, Diamabrush tools can help remove your existing coatings and stains and breathe life to your hardwood floors.

1. Dark And Cool-Toned Wood

With a constantly growing popularity, dark-colored woods are a classic modern look that can add drama and pair well with almost all interior elements, from dark cabinets to white furniture. Cool-toned woods are always a top pick due to their ability to coordinate well with both cool and warm colors, making them easier to decorate than lighter colored floors. However, this stain tends to attract those who prioritize style over maintenance, because oils from bare feet, pet hair, or dust are more noticeable on dark hardwoods.

2. Gray Colored Wood

With their neutral tone, gray hardwood floors are popular among modern homeowners to bring calming effects and a sense of serenity into the room. Throughout the years, we’ve seen variations of gray tones that blend with dark browns for a unique gray/beige look. Although it tends to complement best with cool, modern designs, you can also bring warmth to any space with accent colors and natural wood decor.

3. White-Washed Wood

Also on the rise, today’s whitewashes are more matte and subtle to provide a clean, fresh and airy look for coastal decor, contemporary, or modern farmhouse styles. Before choosing a white stain best for your hardwood floors, white oak tends to work better than red oak for a more contemporary style. In conflict with the modern whitewashed look, red oak has stronger graining which provides a more traditional look due to its pinkish undertones.

4. Blonde Colored Wood

Maintaining steady popularity into 2021, blonde flooring instantly opens up a room when as natural light bounces off of the floors to make the room feel larger and brighter. This lighter shade of wood is also incredibly versatile fitting well with most design aesthetics. Lighter hardwoods tend to be associated with a traditional look and can be installed in a variety of styles from distressed to glossy. Additionally, it’s a family-friendly stain that hides dirt and damage better than dark woods, making maintenance a bit easier!

5. Honey And Copper-Toned Wood

Taking a step darker than the trending blonde wood, warm honey or copper-colored wood will surge in 2021. These tones are still light enough to offer the same benefits of blonde wood, making your room look larger and more open, but adding elements of warmth to your interior design. With bright undertones, honey or copper-colored wood could pair well with green, yellow, navy, or even purple undertones in wall paints.