The problem will be familiar to anyone maintaining an industrial operation: a huge expanse of concrete floor that gets worn and filthy from regular operational wear and tear. That was the situation facing Sonoco at a 250,000 square foot facility. So they reached out to a third-party professional flooring contractor to get a bid to service the 100,000 square feet of polishable concrete. The estimate came in at a whopping $100,000. Luckily, Diamabrush offered a much more attractive alternative.

Glowing polished concrete at a fraction of the price

Diamabrush performed a demonstration to prove they could get optimal results while offering astounding savings. The result was so compelling, Sonoco opted for the Diamabrush system. Starting with the 50 grit tool for initial prep, they worked up to 1,000 grit polishing tool to get an amazing high gloss finish using a Tennant T16 scrubber. The difference was remarkable, and every bit as dazzling as what the cleaning company could offer.

A classic no-brainer

The total bill? $8,000, versus the $100,000 estimate from the flooring contractor. While savings of 10%, 25%, or 50% would be reason to consider an alternative, Diamabrush was able to deliver jaw-dropping results for 92% less. If those numbers appeal to you, why not find out how Diamabrush can make your next concrete polishing project a lot less painful. Go ahead and drop us a note to request a consultation for your facility.