•  Diamabrush™ has simplified surface preparation with the Prep and Prep Plus tools, allowing you to mechanically etch and prepare bare concrete floors to receive a coating, resulting in superior adhesion. Both professionals and do-it-yourselfers can prepare and profile old, worn, dirty floors using standard 110 volt or battery powered cleaning equipment, such as automatic scrubbers or single disc floor machines. The Concrete Prep tool is designed for battery-powered automatic scrubbers, while the Concrete Prep Plus tool is designed for all floor buffers and for large propane automatic scrubbers.  
  • This revolutionary tool provides the fastest, most effective removal of mastic, adhesives, thin-set and thin mil epoxies from concrete floors. The patented design of the Diamabrush™ Coating Removal tool prevents the abrasive from loading up or clogging like other abrasive products, delivering fast, consistent performance throughout the life of the tool.
  • An ideal first step in the wood refinishing process, this tool is designed to easily remove polyurethanes, aluminum-oxide, carpet adhesives and other hard-to-remove coatings from hardwood floors. The diamond cutting surface remains free of melted or gummed up coatings and maintains sharp cutting points throughout the life of the tool, saving time and money.   Note: 16″ tool comes assembled with a Trufit Clutch-Plate and 1.5” riser for standard floor buffers.