The Polished Concrete System That Saved Sonoco Over $90K

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The problem will be familiar to anyone maintaining an industrial operation: a huge expanse of concrete floor that gets worn and filthy from regular operational wear and tear. That was the situation facing Sonoco at a 250,000 square foot facility. So they reached out to a third-party professional flooring contractor to get a bid to

7 Alternative Uses for The Wood Deck & Siding Tool

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There’s something of a downside to creating a tool that performs really well: people might pigeonhole it for one particular use. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love that people think of Diamabrush when removing coatings or paint from decks and siding. After all, when a tool can shrink a daunting task into a one-day

Floor Facts: The Foundation of Your Business

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With all the other considerations to running a successful business, it’s easy to forget what’s right under your feet. When you look at the facts and figures of how important an ideal floor surface is, you get a good idea of what’s at stake, in both employee safety and customer perception.

Concrete Floor Maintenance 101

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Reducing the likelihood of slip-and-falls is just one of the goals It may sound like a bit of a pun, but the literal foundation for any efficient industrial facility is the condition of its concrete floor. Since customers typically never see them, and their maintenance can be costly, they can be neglected. As a