Top 5 Hardwood Colors And Stains For 2021

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With more time at home, a new design for your hardwood floor may just be the fresh start you need this New Year! As the foundation of your home, you want a flooring stain that is stylish and practical, as it should last for years to come. To kickstart your new look, Diamabrush tools can

7 Flooring Design Trends Big In 2020

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Looking to make a change in your home in the coming year? Why not start with your floor! While you may be hesitant to base the foundation of your home around a “trend”, which can often be fleeting, we believe the following flooring designs will be favored for years to come. And if you’re looking

6 Deck Design Trends for 2019

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From the more imaginative use of space, to bolder approaches to color and texture, we are seeing some exciting trends in deck renovation and decorating emerging that should impact the coming year. You might want to keep these in mind as you consider your own projects, whether you’re a contractor or forward-thinking DIYer. 1. “You

7 Flooring Design Trends for 2019

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While no one can predict the next “big thing” in flooring, it’s helpful to consider some of the interesting styles and materials that are emerging as popular favorites – ones that we believe will be here to stay for years to come. So the trend-watchers at Diamabrush put together a quick overview to help you

Diamabrush Tools Frequently Asked Questions

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  Polishing Tools   Is this going to make my floors slippery? When used correctly, Diamabrush applications actually make your floors safer and more slip-resistant. Slip Coefficient of Friction is better on clean, polished concrete than on unpolished concrete. How long do the blades last? Polishing tool blade wear varies based on the coarseness of