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The Polished Concrete System That Saved Sonoco Over $90K

The problem will be familiar to anyone maintaining an industrial operation: a huge expanse of concrete floor that gets worn and filthy from regular operational wear and tear. That was the situation facing Sonoco at a 250,000 square foot facility. So they reached out to a third-party professional flooring contractor to get a bid to... See the post

6 Deck Design Trends for 2019

From the more imaginative use of space, to bolder approaches to color and texture, we are seeing some exciting trends in deck renovation and decorating emerging that should impact the coming year. You might want to keep these in mind as you consider your own projects, whether you’re a contractor or forward-thinking DIYer. 1. “You... See the post

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7 Flooring Design Trends for 2019

While no one can predict the next “big thing” in flooring, it’s helpful to consider some of the interesting styles and materials that are emerging as popular favorites – ones that we believe will be here to stay for years to come. So the trend-watchers at Diamabrush put together a quick overview to help you... See the post

Case Study: Saving a Tractor Parts Distributor $500K

While we love to brag about the results our customers get with Diamabrush, we are just as pleased to share their jaw-dropping savings over other options. Case in point: a tractor parts distributor, boasting over 1,000,000 square feet in their Georgia facility, wanted to remove sticky Cure n’ Seal that was retaining dirt and tire... See the post

6 Simple Ways to Grow a Green-Friendly Business

When it comes to commercial cleaning and renovation, there are numerous ways everyone can benefit from a more thoughtful, eco-friendly approach to every job. By taking simple steps and a little extra care, you can save money, help the planet, and be able to boast to customers, friends and family about being green. Donate, don’t... See the post

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