Our Mission

Where some might see a lost cause in a project, you see hidden potential. Diamabrush shares that vision.

Based just outside Detroit, MI, Diamabrush is dedicated to helping you achieve optimal results in your next restoration and renovation project. We’ve spent years researching, developing, and testing to create the finest products on the market. The result is a line of easy-to-use tools that perform every time, without potentially harmful chemicals and solvents.

Diamabrush, for those who work by the diamond-standard.


Founded in 2007, Diamabrush develops, manufactures and markets advanced abrasive technology utilized in various building, maintenance and construction applications. Through years of research and development, the Company has developed a core portfolio of products used for surface preparation and finishing applications, including coating removal (ie: urethanes, varnishes, black mastic, thin set, glue and epoxy), scarifying, honing, leveling, sanding and polishing. 

Diamabrush manufactures the most effective, easy to use diamond abrasive tools, attachments and brushes used for flooring and vertical surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, vinyl composition tile, terrazzo and other stone surfaces.