Looking to make a change in your home in the coming year? Why not start with your floor! While you may be hesitant to base the foundation of your home around a “trend”, which can often be fleeting, we believe the following flooring designs will be favored for years to come. And if you’re looking to remove carpets or coatings from your existing floor to make room for change, Diamabrush tools can help.

1. Blonde Flooring

Want to make your floor work harder? Blonde flooring is on the rise because it instantly opens up a room and creates a light, airy feel compared to dark or reddish hardwood floors. This lighter shade of wood is incredibly versatile, and is compatible with virtually any design style; eclectic, contemporary, modern farmhouse, and so many more. Do you have hardwood floors buried under your carpet? Use the Diamabrush hardwood tool to remove the carpet and breathe new life into your home this coming year.

2. Waterproof Flooring

Now you can purchase flooring that doesn’t look waterproof such as, vinyl, laminate and even carpet. It looks just like your standard flooring options, but adds a functional benefit for busy households. This is a big step up from only being able to choose tile. This new feature is a dream for homeowners with families and pet owners.

3. Herringbone Floors

Homeowners are now using herringbone for their entire floor plan, especially since the wood ages well. The pattern works well with a variety of wood species, but best with light finishes. The trend extends to tile and even backsplashes, too.

4. Finishes with Cleaner Air Quality

Whatever floor finish you choose, it will have an impact on the quality of air inside of your home, and on the planet. Because of the growing concern of climate change, consumers are becoming much more informed on what airborne chemicals are inside of their home. In 2020, we’ll see an increase in demand for flooring with better air. For cleaner air with fewer pollutants, use finishes with low or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Water based varnishes release far less VOCs than oil-based polyurethane varnish, but oil finishes that stem from renewable resources like linseed or flax seeds come in first.

5. Leather

Hear us out, the flooring isn’t 100% leather in that it also includes high density fiberboard (HDF), but If you plan on keeping your home for the long run, and you want the foundation of your home to resemble an exotic animal’s skin, consider this unconventional material for a dramatic look

6. Engineered Flooring

While hardwood flooring is still the winner when it comes to aesthetics, engineered flooring is also a great option. These are becoming a popular option because man made flooring is becoming It’s easier to install and doesn’t expand or contract, like solid wood planks.


7. Matte Flooring

For years, homeowners flocked to hardwood floors with high-gloss shine to bring in reflected light and feel high-end. Now, homeowners are doing the opposite and gravitating towards matte hardwood flooring, because it’s easier to maintain, and due to shifting aesthetic preferences.