There’s something of a downside to creating a tool that performs really well: people might pigeonhole it for one particular use. Now, don’t get us wrong, we love that people think of Diamabrush when removing coatings or paint from decks and siding. After all, when a tool can shrink a daunting task into a one-day project, it only makes sense that would cause some buzz. But there are quite a few other uses for our Wood Decks and Siding tool. So in our continuing quest to make your life easier, we humbly offer a few ways others have “mastered the moment” with Diamabrush.

7 Alternative Uses for The Wood Deck & Siding Tool

    • Log homes: It kind of just makes sense when you consider it’s a wooden house, right? Diamabrush will help power through the job. For tighter spaces, you may consider a finer detail tool.
    • Hardwood floors: Diamabrush never met a wooden floor it couldn’t help. For hardwood floors, use in hard-to-reach areas, small rooms, corners, and stairs to remove stubborn coating. Quickly removes stain, carpet glue, wax, aluminum-oxide and other finishes.
    • Fences: Have an old gray fence? The Wood Deck & Siding Tool will restore it to a like-new finish quickly and effectively.
    • Docks: Diamabrush can help revive a wooden dock in no time. Be sure to carefully inspect the dock to ensure additional repair or replacement isn’t necessary.
    • Furniture refinishers: We get funny looks for this one sometimes, but for refinishing flat furniture, there’s nothing better. People have used Diamabrush for desks, chair seats, chests, tables, mantles, bookshelves, doors, and dressers (to name a few).
    • Boats: Since wooden boats require new paint or varnish almost every year as part of regular maintenance, Diamabrush makes a lot of sense. You’ll be amazed at how it speeds the process.
    • Sheds: While ideal for wooden sheds, Diamabrush also works on restoring rusty metal sheds to make it look brand new.


    Got any applications of your own? We’d love to hear about them through your favorite social media channel.
    If you haven’t already used Diamabrush, we suggest you watch this brief instructional video that will help get the best results on your project.

    Our Wood Decks and Siding tool is available for purchase in-store at Sherwin Williams and online at Home Depot.