From the more imaginative use of space, to bolder approaches to color and texture, we are seeing some exciting trends in deck renovation and decorating emerging that should impact the coming year. You might want to keep these in mind as you consider your own projects, whether you’re a contractor or forward-thinking DIYer.

1. “You Put the Deck Where?”

More and more people are installing decks in rather surprising places. While the popularity of rooftop decks may be nothing new (especially in urban environments, where space can be limited), we are also seeing freestanding decks becoming more prevalent in residential settings. This boom is driven in part by the availability of innovative, moisture resistant deck understructure systems. Likewise, blurring the line between interior and exteriors spaces is seeing a surge in popularity. Kitchens that open onto a deck make dining and entertaining al fresco much easier. The effect is to increase your actual usable square footage without creating an expensive building project.

2. Mix It Up!

The use of unusual textures is seeing a surge of late, with such materials as glass, stone, and rock being added with traditional wood in decks to create a stunning visual impact. Collecting various material samples to mix and match can be great inspiration and reap surprisingly delightful results.

3. Going Bold and Beautiful

Bold colors and stains, particularly reds and earthy tones, are also on the rise, as they add warmth and vibrancy. Don’t forget that Diamabrush Wood Decks and Siding tool is an essential tool in easily removing old deck coatings and preparing surfaces for these colorful ventures.

4. Fire & Water: Essential Elements

Elevating the relaxing vibe of a deck is very popular. More and more people are opting for gas fireplaces or high-quality fire pits, which can extend your enjoyment of your deck into the crisp fall evenings. The soothing babble of a fountain or small pond, perhaps stocked with fish, is another option to bring a more natural element into your residential environment.

5. Setting the Mood

If you don’t have the space or budget for committing to larger elements like fireplaces or fountains, there are simple ways to enhance the ambience of your deck. Soft, accented lighting can make your deck space even more relaxing and enjoyable. Likewise, built-in Bluetooth speakers offer incredible sound without the bulk of unsightly speakers, adding a whole other dimension to your deck space.

6. Take Cover!

You shouldn’t let a little inclement weather keep you from enjoying your deck. Not surprisingly, adding at least partial overhead coverage is a popular option. The possibilities are almost limitless, based on your aesthetic, be it wood, glass, bamboo, tin, or any number of other materials. Likewise, while not exactly a trend, water- and weather-proofing are timelessly essential to the durability and life of your deck. 


All these trends underscore the growing passion for having access to the great outdoors, without leaving home. It’s important to remember that there are lots of possibilities, no matter your budget. We hope some of these ideas will inspire some inventive and beautiful spaces. So let’s hit the deck this year!