A new deck is a very expensive proposition. That’s why proper care is essential to extending your deck’s beauty and integrity. It’s a common misconception that sealing a deck is a one-and-done proposition, but nothing could be further from the truth. Sealers will wear down within about one to three years, with weather, heavy traffic, and other factors accelerating the process. That can result in cupping, fading, and wood rot. Use these tips to enjoy that deck for years.

1: The right prep is a must

One of the most common mistakes in deck maintenance is using a pressure washer to prep boards before you seal. Water causes shrinkage, which can ultimately splinter the deck and even loosen the nails. A pressure washer will not smooth the wood properly or eliminate bowed boards which will lead to a shorter lifespan for the deck. However, using chemicals can burn out your lawn or kill your plants. A specialized tool like Diamabrush for Wood Decks and Siding can create an ideal surface without water or chemicals. Using a tool like this, you can finish a deck in a day because you’re not waiting for your wood to dry. Diamabrush for Wood Decks and Siding attaches to any standard hand grinder, and you simply hover over the wooden boards on your deck to remove the top layer of paint or coating. We recommend sanding one board at a time to avoid running into those uneven spacing issues.

2: Get between the boards

Many homeowners wonder how to go from a deck with a solid coating to a semi-transparent stain. Removing the coatings between the deck boards is a common problem. When you’re transitioning from a solid to the semi-transparent stain, and you want to do a good job of removing the paint in between the cracks of the boards. Dremel (Bosch) has a number of different small accessories that fit their Multimax machine that work really well to get into these hard-to-reach areas.

3: Save time wisely

A few years ago, paint manufacturers introduced a number of aggregate-filled coatings that were meant to make it very simple and easy to coat your deck. The manufacturers would instruct end users to apply these thick coating systems after very minimal prep. This has led to a large amount of failures over the last couple years. To make matters worse, it’s very difficult to remove these types of coatings from the wood. Diamabrush for Wood Decks and Siding is the only tool on the market that can effectively remove these aggregate fill coatings that traditional abrasives cannot get off of the wood.

4: Keep it clean!

One of the simplest but most essential things you can do to prevent water damage throughout the year is regularly sweeping away puddled water, leaves, branches, and other debris from your deck. Use a plastic shovel if you get more snow than a push broom can handle. It’s also important that you never use a natural fiber rug on a wood deck. It can trap water, which can lead to mildew and rot. Use a plastic fiber rug instead.

5: Don’t put it off

As with any important project, don’t tell yourself “It can wait.”. The longer you delay once you notice the signs of wear, the more you run the risk of serious damage. You’ll find Diamabrush for Wood Decks and Siding, and everything else you need for optimal deck maintenance, at a Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams near you.

About the author:

Todd Ginsberg has been with Diamabrush as the VP of Sales and Marketing for 8 years. He has been in the paint and coating industry for 20 years working with Industrial and Commercial facilities.

Todd is married with 2 children (10 and 7 years old). When he isn’t hanging out with his kids, he enjoys playing in pickup soccer games.