The Diamabrush Terrazzo Restoration Tools are perfect for do-it-yourselfers and professionals.  The tools are designed to restore and beautify old worn terrazzo floors.  The patented diamond blades remain free of sticky waxes and sealers retaining its sharp cutting points throughout the life of the tool.  Cementitious terrazzo can be restored to a high gloss finish and can be maintained indefinitely by cleaning with Diamabrush Tools and water.  End-users will save time and money without the use of expense of cleaners and harmful chemicals.
Custom Mounting Adapters Available
Replaceable Blades
Works on ordinary rotary cleaning machines!
Polymer Terrazzo Restoration Blades
1000 Grit Diamond Blade (RED)
Diamond Blade (Retains sharp cutting edge as  the tool wears)
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Wearable Substrate Blades (Typical for all blades in the system)
Progressing through a series of increasingly finer diamond grits, the pores of the terrazzo are progressively closed, ultimately resulting in a granite-like finish.  
400 Grit Diamond Blade (BLUE)
2000 Grit Diamond Blade (TAN)
200 Grit Diamond Blade (GREEN)
100 Grit Diamond Blade (BLACK)
50 Grit Diamond Blade (BROWN)