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The tool on failed deck coating
The tool on worn painted siding
Diamabrush™ For Wood, Decks & Siding
Diamabrush™ Polishing System  South Holland, IL.
Accurate Dispersions has built a reputation for formulating and producing the highest-quality custom colorants for the industrial marketplace.  They also take great pride in their facilities.   Accurate Dispersions has been attempting for many years to polish and clean their facility floors.  Like any other chemical manufacturer, there are frequent spills that make the facility floors slippery and messy.   Accurate Dispersions has never found a solution to keeping their facilities clean and polished indefinitely until they came across Diamabrush™ at a national show this past spring.  Diamabrush™ held a hands-on training session for the Accurate Dispersions maintenance team explaining how to best utilize the Diamabrush™   Removal Tool and the Diamabrush™ Polishing System.   Accurate Dispersions has restored over 100K square feet of their facilities already.  These floors are now being maintained with the Diamabrush™ 1000 grit polishing tool.  Accurate Dispersions finally has an effective low-cost solution for their floors.  
This new tool will remove even the most stubborn coatings from wood including: glue, adhesive, aluminum-oxide, thick coatings, paint and more. The tool is used to restore old worn or coated decks, hardwood floors, wood-siding and weathered docks. Designed to be used with a standard angle grinder, the do-it-yourselfer or professional can strip an entire deck surface, chemical-free, in just minutes saving the user valuable time, money, and effort.