The Diamabrush™ Hand Tools removes mastics, glue, adhesives, epoxies, thin-set, paint, and many other gummy coatings.  The DiamabrushTM hand tools are designed for use by both professionals and do-it-yourselfers that require fast, effective surface preparation or coating removal.   The patented design enables users to easily remove coatings without loading up or clogging the abrasive.  The result is a perfectly profiled surface achieved in less than half the time of competitive abrasive tools – saving cost and time for the end-user.
Works on ordinary rotary hand grinders!
DIAMABRUSH SHROUDS (Ideal dust control system for the Diamabrush Hand Tools )
Edge Access Door (Opens for areas close to walls & corners)
Vaccum Port (Fits Most Shop Vacs)
Hand Tool Shroud (5” & 7” sizes available)
Velcro Dust Guard (Short and long strips)
Diamond Blade (Retains sharp cutting edge as  the tool wears)
May be covered by one or more patents including: U.S. Patent Nos. 7,690,970 and 7,081,047;  US and Foreign Patents Pending
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Wearable Substrate Blades (Typical for all blades in the system)
The Edge Access Door open