Diamabrush  Founded in 2007, Diamabrush develops, manufactures and markets advanced abrasive technology utilized in various building, maintenance and construction applications. Through years of research and development, the Company has developed a core portfolio of products used for surface preparation and finishing applications, including coating removal (ie: urethanes, varnishes, black mastic, thin set, glue and epoxy), scarifying, honing, leveling, sanding and polishing. Headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, the Company manufactures the most effective, easy to use diamond abrasive tools, attachments and brushes used for flooring and vertical surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, vinyl composition tile, terrazzo and other stone surfaces.   The unrivaled performance of Diamabrush™ tools lie in its patented "wearable substrate" design.  This unique design promotes a wearing away of the substrate that results in the continuous exposure of new abrasive particles that enable the user to experience peak cutting performance throughout the life of the tool's use. In addition, a significant benefit of the Diamabrush'™ tools is their ability to be attached to any rotary driven machine.  Whether used on a high speed hand grinder, sander or planetary machine, or a low pressure, low speed automatic scrubber, Diamabrush™ tools can transform any rotary machine into a diamond grinding powerhouse.  
DIAMABRUSH™ Corporate Headquarters.  Madison Heights, MI.
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